Peer Review

Double-blind review

Both the reviewer and the author are anonymous.

Author anonymity prevents any reviewer bias, for example, based on an author’s country of origin or previous controversial work.

Articles written by prestigious or renowned authors are considered on the basis of the content of their papers, rather than their reputation.

Reviewers can often identify the author through their writing style, subject matter or self-citation.

Important Note

For journals that use double-blind peer review, the identities of both reviewers and authors are concealed from each other throughout the review. To facilitate this, authors must ensure that their manuscripts are prepared in such a way that they do not reveal their identities to reviewers, either directly or indirectly. Please therefore ensure that the following items are present in your submission and are provided as separate files:

  1. Title Page
    The title page will remain separate from the manuscript throughout the peer review process and will not be sent to the reviewers. It should include:

The manuscript title

All authors' names and affiliations

A complete address for the corresponding author, including an e-mail address


  1. Anonymized manuscript
    Please remove any identifying information, such as authors' names or affiliations, from your manuscript before submission.

As well as removing names and affiliations under the title within the manuscript, other steps need to be taken to ensure the manuscript is correctly prepared for double-blind peer review.