Aim & Scope


Corporum plans to present, highlight and promote the development of Corpus Linguistics and its related research. It welcomes researchers to read and write about various domains and fields, based on Corpus.

We, at Corpus Research Centre (CRC), aim:

  • To provide national and international visibility to corpus-based researches
  • To give visibility to Pakistani (national and regional) languages at national and international level
  • To provide the opportunity to national and international scholars to publish their corpus-based researches
  • To promote research culture in Pakistan in the field of corpus linguistics
  • To establish institutional linkages with the universities of the world engaged in corpus based researches

There is no boundary to limit researchers’ fields or interests. We urge researchers to work on any topic of choice with passion and use Corpus techniques and Corpus tools to make their research more interesting, commendable and worth reading. Our Journal is undoubtedly the best choice to publish such magnificent work.