About the Journal

Aim & Scope

The Journal of Business & Economics (JBE) aims to publish research that has strong theoretical and empirical contributions. It publishes theoretical as well as issue-oriented research in broadly defined areas of business management and economics. JBE aims to reaffirm top-notch research and development in academic circles and business markets. The published articles are intended to provide an enriched resource to local, regional, as well as international readers. The primary ambition of JBE is to bridge academia and practitioners throughout the local and internal business environment. On a larger canvas, JBE aspires to build a platform for informed debate on the current uses of the third world: economic competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainable development. JBE covers the following areas under the domain of business, management, and economics:

International Business and Marketing,  Leadership and Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, Accounting, Finance, and Economics