Call for Papers

AUSOM International Research Conference (AIRC’ 2022)

AUSOM International Research Conference (AIRC’ 2022) will be held on main campus of Air University Islamabad on 07 – 08 March, 2022. Air University is a Federally Chartered University and its programs are accredited by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. It offers high quality education in various disciplines including business management, social sciences, computer sciences, medical sciences and variety of engineering disciplines. Air University has always encouraged intellectual contribution by taking various initiatives to institutionalize research and knowledge generation. Graduates of Air University are placed in various reputed institutions and are contributing as researchers and practitioners. Faculty at Air University School of Management (AUSOM) continues to establish stronger research linkages with academia throughout the world.

Conference Theme

The COVID-19 global pandemic has produced a human and economic crisis unlike any in recent memory. The global economy is experiencing its deepest recession since World War II, disrupting economic activity, travel, supply chains, and more. Governments have responded with lockdown measures and stimulus plans, but the extent of these actions has been unequal across countries. Within countries, the most vulnerable populations have been disproportionately affected, both in regard to job loss and the spread of the virus. Covid-19 has profoundly reshaped global business in positive ways as well. As firms in many sectors recorded exorbitant growths. Not only has it accelerated the process of firm internationalization but also facilitated inter-firm cross-border cooperation. Moreover, technological competition has intensified across national boundaries.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic and its impact on businesses, companies face new opportunities and challenges in the global arena. How can they deal with the precarious changes and achieve sustainable international growth? What are the characteristics of effective business models in today’s global business environment? These and many other questions will be extensively discussed during the International Conference to be held in hybrid mode (onsite/online) at AUSOM. The Conference will provide a platform to exchange views on various business challenges and solutions in today’s environment. During the two-day conference, there will be a variety of sessions/activities, including keynote speeches, academic and industry dialogues, doctoral consortium, etc. We sincerely welcome scholars, education leaders, industry executives, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to participate in our discussions.

Major events

This two day activity will consist of following events:

Keynote speakers from Industry:

A session of keynote speakers from industry for duration of 2 hours will be organized where senior executives from leading industry will hold the stage and share current and post-Covid trends of the industrial sector of Pakistan.

Technical Sessions:

1st AIRC’ 2022 will provide researchers from all over the globe a chance for presentation of their research papers that would be judged by a panel of prominent researchers in respective domains, and selected papers will be published in Journal of Business and Economics (JBE)—an HEC recognized journal of Air University. Abstracts of all papers presented in this research conference will be published in research conference proceedings and will be uploaded on university website.

Doctoral Consortium:

It is a get-together of PhD students that are welcomed from all universities. This conference will provide them a forum where they will present their research and a panel of experts will provide necessary guidance and counseling to refine their proposals / research work.

Core research areas of 1st AIRC

Core research areas identified for paper submissions are given below. Conference not only welcomes the papers that examine the current crises in domains listed below, but articles that make any novel theoretical, practical and methodological contribution in these domains are equally acceptable.

Strategic and International Business Management Accounting & Finance
Marketing & Consumer Behavior HRM & Organizational Behavior
Technology & Project Management Supply Chain and logistics Management
Management & Entrepreneurship Tourism & Hospitality
Aviation Management Healthcare
Economics & Development Economic

Submission guidelines

Scholars, practitioners and students are invited to email their abstracts in word format, with their full names, addresses, affiliating institutions, author’s brief profile and official email address by Dec 15, 2021 to the conference chair, through email address: [email protected]. The submitted abstracts will undergo a rigorous double blind peer review process. Authors whose abstracts get selected will be informed through email by January 15, 2022 to register for the conference. The successful authors who also wish to publish in Special Issue of Journal of Business & Economics of Air University, will be required to send their full papers by January 30, 2022. All of the research work should be original; not previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere, neither in journals, nor books. Papers to be submitted via conference website, should follow the requisite format as per instructions given below:


▪ Abstracts via email submitted to: [email protected] in word format, not exceeding 500 words, preferably 1 page only in English Language.

▪  Title of the paper must be in bold and underlined, and the name of the author/authors placed below the title of the abstract (not bold, not underlined and not in italics) in Times New Roman font (12pt), both must be centered aligned.

▪  Margins of at least 1 inch on all sides, Times New Roman font (12pt) italicized.

▪ Full-length papers should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages; working papers, case-studies, seminar papers and student papers should not exceed 10 pages; proposals and business plans should not exceed 5 pages; poster presentations should not exceed 2 pages.

▪ Cover page to indicate the title of paper, the name of authors and affiliations, along with corresponding author’s email.


Participants: PKR 2,000
Students: PKR 1,000
International Participants US $ 200 $
International Students US $ 200 $


Abstract/PhD Proposal Submission deadline Dec 15, 2021
Acceptance of abstract/ PhD concept (Proposal) Jan 15, 2022
Full length paper submission deadline Jan 30, 2022
Last Date of Registration Feb 15, 2022
Submission of Presentation Feb 15, 2022
Conference Date 7th – 8th March, 2022