• Usama Tahir Air University
  • Syed Irtiza Ali Shah Air University
  • Nadeem Air University
  • Muhammad Umair Air University
  • Qusain Abbas Kirmani Air University
  • Sadia Azhar Air University


Aluminum; Analysis, Carbon fiber, design, Frames, Multirotor, Payload


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are transmitted
into multirotor UAVs having the capability of lifting
the payload and are also being used for the
surveillance of unapproachable areas. The payload and
programming capabilities of quadrotor UAVs are
frequently limited. Unmanned aerial vehicles have
recently piqued the curiosity of the research
community (UAVs). Different multirotor UAV
configurations were investigated in this study to
determine the ideal configuration for a compact but
heavy-lift multirotor which can sustain a payload of 50
kgs. It has been discovered that coaxial/overlapping
designs can boost payload while maintaining a modest
dimension. With the right selection of rotor plane
angles, thrust might be boosted by up to 90% for
overlapping systems. The rotor thrust in a coaxial
configuration was determined to be 76 percent that of
an independent rotor. The ability to develop a highly
maneuverable and reliable vertical take-off and
landing (VTOL)-UAV is a significant contribution to
the field of aerial robotics because the possibilities are
endless in practical applications, an operator controls
the UAV's position in space using a remote server
using sensory cues from an image acquired, while the
angle is automatically stabilized using an onboard
controller. The attitude regulator is critical when the
pilot executes the desired movements because it
allows the vehicle to maintain the appropriate
orientation and so avoids the vehicle turning over and



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Tahir, U., Irtiza Ali Shah, S. I. A. S., Hussain Shah, N., Umair, M., Abbas Kirmani, Q., & Azhar, S. (2023). DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF HEAVY LIFT DRONE. AUJoGR: Air University Journal of Graduate Research, 2(1), 107-116. Retrieved from

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